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Seiyu IHT focuses on the power of human connection, with evidence-based practice, to treat issues resulting from Complex and Developmental Trauma. We are guided by the knowledge and constant learning which comes from understanding the nervous system through the Polyvagal Theory, and it's applications with the range of attachment-focused trauma therapies offered by our clinicians.
Psychotherapy intensives are the main approach for this. When used intensively, trauma healing can happen faster, and make a deeper impact when compared to weekly/hourly meetings.
In the words of one client following a full day intensive: "I have been suffering from these (traumas) for 15 years, and now it's as if they no longer matter. I am feeling free for the first time in my adult life."
Evidence Based Psychotherapies for trauma, such as Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (Standard EMDR)Attachment-Focused EMDR (AF-EMDR), inner child work (Ego State Therapy), and somatic therapies are supported by research for the treatment of anything resulting from complex trauma - particularly when they are part of an intensive approach.
Mental and physical health are tied together - thriving in one area improves the other. As such, our ultimate goal is to help you live a meaningful life, as best as you can, with increased personal energy. You are unique. Results from Seiyu IHT's integrative use of science-based nervous stimulation approaches, attachment-focused and person-centered trauma therapy, often include enhanced personal performance and improvement in areas such as creativity, athletics, business, relationships, and more.
For any reason why weekly sessions just won’t work for you, Seiyu intensives are available to support you during times you need help the most. Because of this, busy and creative people often find this mode of therapy to be helpful - including therapists, medical professionals, artists, military/first responders, business professionals, students, and others who want or need to benefit from more work done now.
Finally, Seiyu intensives can be facilitated using Nature-based therapy. Nature-based therapy is open-ended and flexible, and can involve Therapeutic Fly-Fishing with EMDR (TF-EMDR), developed by Seiyu IHT founder Tony Parmenter. Read the published paper here.


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