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Finding freedom in SINCERITY.




As the most evidence-based trauma therapy, EMDR is useful for addressing whatever trauma might impact - which includes being able to lessen anxiety, address behavior change, decrease addictive urges, enhance personal performance, creativity, motivation, and most other things. Yet, you still might be wondering...
what is it?
These videos can help explain.






Thank you for finding your way here.
My name is Tony. I started Seiyu I.H.T. to create a variety of ways for helping you thrive. I am also the originator of Therapeutic Fly Fishing & EMDR (TF-EMDR) and creator of The Seiyu-Zuri Method of TF-EMDR.
Our mind and bodies are whole, and we can experience that easier if we focus our intention on taking action toward meaningful living, with sincerity. My hope for this practice is to help people discover tools for doing so with as few barriers as possible, and to assist other therapists and helpers in facilitating this.
The approaches that I take as a psychotherapist, coach, and consultant are influenced by a lifetime of connection to nature, socioeconomic and multicultural issues, punk music and culture, artistic expression, military/first response culture, CAM & Integrative Medicine, and spirituality. I am a military veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, former ESL teacher, a college professor, member of a bi-cultural/bi-lingual family, and promoter of a Whole Person approach to wellness. As a result, I view fitness of mind, body, and spirit equally important to a person's health and success.
I am familiar with the ups and downs of the human experience, and know so well how difficult it can be to stay focused and afloat in a chaotic world. However, in the center of all of this we have an opportunity to connect with desire and find our truest selves. When we see that self with sincerity and understanding, we are capable of handling and accomplishing so much. It is why the human race has existed for so long! Working together, we can harness this truth for you to thrive.





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